Our vision is to be internationally acclaimed and premier educational institutions to create best professional entrepreneurs and to become one of the best event management institution using only the best principles and practices in event management well-established by formal education, training, competence, experience, professionalism, uniqueness, and happy disposition of each team member to give not only their best for every aspirant but to make every event filled with wonders and adventures by designing a unique program for every event that will surely last forever in our aspirants lives. To provide a learning environment in which all students are challenged to develop their intellectual, practical and social skills in a holistic way focusing on leadership, socially responsible behavior and lifelong learning attitude.


Our mission is to provide the best event management institute with affordable, practical and reasonable fees designed that even surpasses or exceeds service expectations. Our numerous and verifiable past satisfied aspirants are the living testimonies of this mission. We are a market focused educational institution that develops and delivers innovative solutions to our students. We aspire to be a leader in the delivery of high-quality research-based content with an aim of encouraging intellectual curiosity, innovation, and ethical leadership, entrepreneurship to be an empowered and socially responsible citizen.


  • Achieving excellence in Event Management teaching and learning
  • Offering innovative programmes in diverse disciplines addressing the emerging needs of the society.
  • Providing for high quality research leading to creation and dissemination of knowledge.
  • Promotion of international understanding through global initiatives
  • Engaging with the local community and industry for sustainable and inclusive development.