Amidst the host of event management diploma and degree opportunities available today, one can find numerous profession possibilities or maybe subject matter to examine in which it could be quite difficult to determine where to proceed, along with what direction to go. Deciding on the best course for the right moment will make a huge difference.

We believe IIEMR offer a wonderfully gratifying profession, or maybe a fun filled brand-new subject of examining that also includes organization, marketing, hospitality and several various other expertise apart from other skills. Thus, we are very pleased to offer function supervision training to bring a person in this kind of entire world.

  • IIEMR is a first of its kind event management institute in Jaipur endeavor amidst other leading private institutions offering event management courses. It is the brainchild of a leading event management company with an experience of more than 10 years.
  • It will not just be an institution with an aim to impart knowledge, but also a consultancy that believes in guiding and nurturing the career paths of students through counseling sessions.
  • An education full of theories is incomplete without learning its empirical and constructive application. Through workshops, seminars, the Institute will provide hands-on training to students, which will help them gain a practical understanding of the ways in which the industry functions.